What is in a word?

I have always been interested in, and during my teaching career have had opportunities to actively engage in cross-curricular / interdisciplinary curriculum work / teaching.

Having just returned from a great conference called Learning2, where I saw that the above approach to education is indeed real in many middle schools, I thought, well, now is perhaps time to delve deeper into this approach, starting with getting myself more informed and updated!

Who knows, maybe I could actually be of service to my school in the coming years, and maybe I could even return to university for a Master’s with a focus, a mission to serve my school (which has given me so much these past 26 years!)

I know my colleagues really like the concept (interdisciplinary…) and we are aware of examples where the various courses offered in our MS have logical links that could be so seamless. We could start by just a few calendar/planning shifts for next year (2016-17), easy as pie.

But first, what are the most relevant word(s) to use? Why are there so many Twitter hashtags (#crosscurricular learning, #cross-curricular teaching, #interdisciplinary teaching, #interdisciplinary learning) ? I got the support below from Wordreference.com as someone had asked basically the same question in 2009 (without the reference to hashtag) and here’s a fine answer:


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They are similar. The curriculum is the course of study (series of classes) for a particular degree, and the discipline is the field of study (biology, chemistry, English literature, etc.). They are synonymous when referring to education, but interdisciplinary can also be used in areas other than education — interdisciplinary approach, interdisciplinary team, etc.

So I think I’ll just go with Interdisciplinary Education, as that came up nicely for a WordPress blog title. But….. a quick Twitter search #interdisciplinary education seems to be bringing me to tweets relating to higher education. Mmmm…..
(Google search) Definition. Interdisciplinary Education – An educational approach in which two or more disciplines collaborate in the learning process with the goal of fostering interprofessional interactions that enhance the practice of each discipline.
The search gives me this link (a hefty bit of info about interdisciplinary education) from Carleton College:  https://serc.carleton.edu/econ/interdisciplinary/why.html
And there’s so many more links – I’ll return to these:
How come everything I am finding seems to be so old?
So maybe I should be considering the wording: INTEGRATED CURRICULUM ??
More soon, I have my work set out for me.