My experience with interdisciplinary education

Well, it is now a few months later. It is July, 2016.

I have been thinking….. no one at our MS has given me a mandate to explore interdisciplinary opportunities within the present school. I have been working there these 26 years… I have expressed, over the years, and to various colleagues, my interest in working in interdisciplinary…  our boss has made it clear that he thinks teachers working together in any way possible is great. I have had loads of super experiences working closely with colleagues. Building curriculum, trying out new ideas…In my present role as grade 7 and grade 9 EAP Social Studies teacher, I get to work closely with SS colleagues.

So I have decided to move on and not use this blog to focus on interdisciplinary work. But to move the shift to what it is that unites us all, regardless of what subject we teach, or what learning we accompany, or guide….and that would be technology in education. And 21st century learning is all about tech, but also all about interdisciplinary work, service learning, project based learning…. it all fits together. 

I want to now use this blog to write about my own tech learning.

But before doing so, I want to share here and now one example of interdisciplinary + service learning work done with several colleagues a few years back. It is MS-ECC-ES collaboration. Here’s a (private) YouTube video link. Hope it works! These are my best times, when I am working with other colleagues, as equals, and when we can get students together from different divisions, and when there’s service learning integrated seamlessly….

And that will do for today.