How to proceed in order to enter a comfort zone re. the terms 21st-Century Learning, or 21st-Century Classroom?

Read about it, perhaps. Here are a few reference documents.

But first, I add here my Twitter feed: My Twitter feed  I keep thinking I am going to go back and review, take notes, research, follow up re. my twitter feed, but in fact, I keep adding to the feed. It is good though, I think. All good.

1. Technology in the 21st-century Classroom: Ontario Public School Board Association discussion paper

This looks like a good starting point. For anyone. I have not yet read it.

(And now, 29 August, Tim Robinson -Ontario – added a tweet + source so relevant: Ont. Ministry of Ed. 21st century competencies

2.The 21st-Century Classroom, by Gabriel RSHAID

In got this book from my boss’ office, have read it, and am now pasting the link to my Evernote notes that I made this summer: 

I plan to make a summary document of the above notes. I’ll share with colleagues and ?  I’ll also show students so they see I am serious about note-taking and summary writing skills (and moving forward with 1st-century skills!)

3.  OPEN  How we’ll work, live and learn in the future by David Price.

I read it this summer but have not taken notes. Also got from my boss’ office.

4. Reinventing Writing The 9 tools that are changing writing, teaching, and learning forever, by Vicki Davis

I bought this myself and have been reading this throughout the summer. Very practical. I can keep up pretty good, but it frequently jumps ahead of me and I have a hard time following, but this only confirms I am behind.

I follow Vicki Davis. She seems very kind, generous and concerned.

Today is 28 August and I am back on htis post form a couple weeks ago. And look, here, just this week she shared this pdf handout -she really is a great gal  179-Fantastic-Tools-forSchools-Handout

5. A Teacher’s Guide to Tech 2016, by Jennifer Gonzalez

This is a digital binder. I asked, and our library ordered it and several copies were made available to colleagues I work closely with. I have not yet looked at it, but still have some time before summer’s end. I follow Jennifer Gonzalez too (A Cult of Pedagogy). I imagine I will be able to highlight, make notes. I hope so. Like Vicki Davis’ book, this is a practical resource. I cannot add it here as although digital, and i think I cna actually just upload it now, it was  not free, so I won’t.  you can buy it

6. Gamify Your Classroom, A Field Guide To Game-Based learning, by Matthew Farber   book ordering details

Today is 28 August and this book just arrived a few days ago bit i have not had  a chance to look at it. It was ordered via Amazon and belongs to me. I want to know about gamification, to gamify… Here’s a couple useful clarifications:

gamification vs game-based learning

playability vs. gamification

7. And one gets winfalls. This slide presentation is amazing. 4 teachers have shared it.  Free for the using. Grade 7 Social Studies teachers. Chromebooks, Technology, and Interdisciplinary Practices in the Social Studies Classroom  These generous teachers are from  Farnsworth Middle School (NY)  THANK YOU!



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