Classroom 2.0 with Matt BERGMAN : Amazing Digital Projects for All Students with Google Tools

I write, it is 20 August, 2016. I am listening to a “Classroom 2.0” webinar. Source can be found here:

As I listen to this webinar, I take notes. Later, I can write a paragraph, if I want. Or simply record my voice as I make sense out of these notes.

So here are today’s notes, below. I am back here and i is 28 August. I have added hyperlinks. n.b. some notes / resources below are not from what Matt Bergman said, but are from posts that attendees kept adding (very collaborative!)


-70% of learners are visual (did I get that right?)

-images solidify learning

-images go into long-term memory (more sticky)

-SAMR type model for images search (yeah, so I am supposed to know what SAMR is, of course: what is SAMR model?)

-see Color, Usage rights…. need to know about copyright!

-teach tools to be able to use technology in respectful manner

-see Pixabay: pictures, video clips…  free images and videos

-copy + paste the citation provided in Pixabay to show source

-see FLICKERCC   flicker and creative commons  (btw: what IS Creative Commons?)

-ibid re. citation

-Google Maps Historical Imagery: Street view of Google maps. Historical imagery ex. 9/11

-Google Maps Photo Sphere:365 degree views!  about google historical maps 1   Richard Byrnes helps: Google historical imagery

-expeditions, museums…

-Ss need to have good photo-taking skills!

-What is SeeSaw  (student driven digital portfolios) Seesaw

-PechaKucha (talk about images)  simple presentation format

-Check out Google photos: make collage (great storytelling tool!), album, animation features  home for your photos

-see the….. beginning photography for kids  children’s craft collective

-HaikuDeck   presentation software

-Check out Ken SHELTON re. Google + photos (I imagine this is the right fellow:)  Ken Shelton

-see Google drawings  Googlre drawings app via chrome

-see Eric Curts website – blog  great tutorials! Lovely templates to use!

-What is QuickTime ?  (looks like Apple)  Quick Time

-What is smore?  what is smore

-What is book creator? book creator  This is not free, looks like (I have since come across Ourboox  Ourboox  and prof. Mel Rosenberg, cofounder, is encouraging me to succeed

-collaborate on a book through Google slides  info Google slides

See John Butterill’s Virtual Photo Walks (in nature, provides images to people, ex. some people never get out due to mobility / health restrictions)  John Butterill

Well I sure enjoyed that listening. It was not so easy trying to listen while keep up with all the posts, the huge number of resources people kept adding…. 



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