Gamification and Games-based learning


I heard from Melysa this week. She works for Classcraft and she wants to help me to gamify my classroom.    Mélysa at Classcraft <  Seems to be free.

It looks like fun. It seems to be about transforming the classroom atmosphere, making it become an adventure. I will learn about this.


And  other services (platforms?) that offer learning through gaming like  PaGamO.  I do believe that at in not-too-distant future this will be common. But it is not free. And it looks like it can be used to keep the old way of learning + regurgitating content,  but in sexy format that grabs attention.


A useful article re. Gamification vs. Games-based learning can be found here: clarification  (source:  Mr. JP Medved at Capterra)

And I thank Mr. Medved for this simple definition  ” The short answer: Gamification is turning the learning process as a whole into a game, while Games-Based Learning (GBL) is using a game as part of the learning process.”

I imagine Games-based learning will include this kind of ESL activity: Games and ESL (source: Futonge Kisito at

At a later date I will write about how we did some game-based learning last spring in EAP SS9 in connection to that vital topic: Did Caesar deserve to die (encouraging Ss to understand different points of view is always a useful exercise.) I hope that this video link works!   Student-made board game





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