Classroom 2.0 Live Classroom Resources to Enhance the Use of Technology: Guest Heidi Samuelson

Today an hour has just flown by, 6-7 pm. I participated in my 2nd (online) Classroom 2.0 event. I took notes which are below. The guest, Heidi Samuelson, was efficient, informative, and she very graciously left us with a sincere invitation to connect with her. As I write now, the hosts are managing Q-A : Heidi is answering questions that participants, from around the world, sent in via the Chat Room we all had access to at the bottom right of our screens – the Chat flowed non-stop throughout the event. This time, I did not pay too much attention to it as I had decided to just listen, and take the notes below for my blog.


Guest today = Heidi Samuelson   @swampfrogfirst

Hosts say that Heidi is someone to add to my PLN (professional learning network)

She likes George Couros, Alice Keeler, Sheila Jane, Digital Citizenship Resources

Hosts asked first these two questions and we all responded and they showed chart of responses: 1. Do we use twitter to connect our learning? 2. Seesaw for student portfolios?

First, Heidi talked about why it is important to be a connected educator. And she made sure we had her slides:  Heidi’s slides today

What follow = apps and other things she talked about, very efficiently.



She recommends we use the app: REMIND  for communicating to parents and students, class, groups, etc.  Create classes, class has a code, etc.


Features : She recommends we send our reminders (in REMIND) using schedule, also translate possible (in Remind) for ELL parents, can embed widget in blog , Google slides can be in REMIND, possible to set in office hours for parents to communicate (chat) with teacher, can toggle on / off various settings



-is an app: students create learning journals, it is about connecting learning

YouTube see SeeSaw tutorials

+ great Help & Teacher Resource Center available

+ Julie Jacobs Julie  Julie has offered a lot of help to use SeeSaw

+there are help sessions

-like Facebook, but safe environment

-free (there’s also SeeSaw Plus, not free, rolled out this year)

-can do lots: upload photos, videos, drawings… can draw on photos etc., can share with parents (allows new table talk for parents with their children)…

-teachers can share out (via Seesaw) info about what is happening in class via twitter, facebook, G+, pininterest)

-parents can see calendar


TWITTER in the classroom

-break down classroom walls, become a Global learner

Kayla Deizer is a reference  Kyla


Heidi uses Global Math Task Twitter Challenge  (there are hashtags per grade) GMTTC

#gmttc1    #gmttck

ex. kindergarten: I have 6 cookies. My friend has 3. Do I have more than her? How do i know?  Hashtag will have k at the end, for kindergarten

-photos can be used in these math challenges i.e take picture of solutions (ex. from interactive notebook)

word: interactive notebook (?)  interactive notebook video   edutopia article_interactive notebooks

-or use in Google docs, take photo

-students can make videos + post on YouTube, show how they solve math challenge. example used – a bunch of shoes getting moved a round…

#gmttc24  (special challenge re. different equations re. how to get 24)

READING + twitter connections too!



MYSTERY SKYPE (lots of reasons to do this!)  SKYPE _ source

ex. (to find location) a US class asking yes/No mapping questions to another class, in India: find out where the other classroom is located… then share about other things

ex. discussing books, illustrations…

ex. using Kahoot -connect with another class, play the game with them (reviewing skills, content, pre-assessments)

N.B. Students can create own kahoots and share with other classrooms!

see Heidi’s slides numbers 70, 71…


BUNCEE   slides 75..

edu.buncee – similar to Google slides, create interactive stories

-can add lots of stuff, ex. voice

(all can be added to Seesaw accounts!)

-create templates in PowerPoint or Buncee, upload picture to Seesaw Journal and use the drawing tool



Adobe Spark

-can create web page, so easy to attach things …..


ThingLink   slide 084

ex. students can identify parts of a cell



ex. author visits: allows student to share out events with collage, template, stick notes with thoughts…. share out all out on twitter….incl to that visiting author….


QR codes  

-ex. students can email a paragraph to teacher (via QR code?)




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