A few tech things to find out about this week (?)

I have been a carrying note paper around for about a week. I jotted down, and I do not recall when or where, the following…and I do know these are resources I want to know more about:


  1. Voice Thread
  2. Digital storytelling
  3. Wikis and writing with
  4. Student murals
  5. ThinkLink
  6. Blogger

and now, 20 September, since a meeting at work  this week, I add:

7. Goodreads (social networking, connecting..) 8. Adobe Spark, 9. GoAnimate,                    10. Tublar  (alternative to blogging for students)

And of course, since Learning2 conference….I want to know how to use social bookmarking tools like Diigo and Flipboard…  I read about social bookmarking tools in Vicki Davis’ book (Reinventing Writing) , but still, I have not made any progress…

At least I have written this.


And below are some links re. women – girls + code, came in today twitter suggestions, via an email….


Women Who Code @WomenWhoCode

MadeWithCode @madewithcode

Girl Develop It @girldevelopit

Girls Who Code @GirlsWhoCode

Suggestions basées sur girlscrackthecode


Suggestions basées sur Ladies Learning Code

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