Classroom 2.0 LIVE Saturday 17 September Today’s Webinar Topic: Global Literacy and Geography Resources

Today’s Guest is Laura Krenicki (is a middle-school social studies teacher (Gr. 6) at William J. Johnston Middle School in Colchester, CT. She is also a teacher consultant for the Connecticut Geographic Alliance (the outreach division of National Geographic), and adjunct faculty at the University of New Haven & Eastern CT State Univ.,Connecticut.)

  • Live binder is available inside Classroom 2.0 website
  • Here is guest speaker’s: Laura Krenicki live binder
  • The majority of participants today are technology coaches
  • Geography flows across curriculum. Example: Pokemon Go this past summer
  • All teachers are teachers of geography!
    • I like this being said. Geography can be incorporated all over the place, no pun intended. Starting a new novel? Reading a folk story? Take the time to examine the social studies overview….before starting reading. I have done this so much over the years, so glad today to have this corroborated as good teaching practice!
  • 4 Dimensions of Inquiry
  • Global Competencies Task Force: see 21st century Skills Applied to the World
    • Wow=name of diagram: Understand the World through Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary….  (see my original title for this blog…i.e. everything to do with learning, education is interdisciplinary
  • Interdisciplinary Geographic Inquiry Questions


Connecting students to the Big Picture

  1. Using local resources and industry, for example:
  • U. Connecticut  MAGIC  (they will help teachers make a map of a locality/region for curriculum purposes)  U Connecticut Magic       contact
  • National Geographic Education What is geography

2. Sister-school relationships

  • Twitter, ePals, iEARN, Google Hangouts ….

3. Global Broadcasts (share learning Ss are doing)

  • Periscope, Instagram

4. Local Museums for

  • global interdependence
  • geographic impact on history



National Geographic Mapmaker Kits nat geo map kits

see ESRI ED Communities  esri EdCommunity


For some time during this webinar our guest speaker walked us, quickly, through her live binder. She curated this binder. It is well worth taking the time, and I will share it with my Social Studies and EAP SS colleagues.  I hope we will spend an entire departmental meeting just perusing it! Laura Krenicki live binder

Wow, this is really amazing sharing. I thank the people at Classroom 2.0


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